an extended diverse live educational service.

classtimbre is an online live education service for both teachers and students from home.

Earn & pay money by attending sessions live online.



What are classes ?

Classes are courses that you can register as a teacher by determining course duration, hours & days and price per session

Usually you can upload a book image if you are going to explain information from it to your students

All courses goes to our search database so that students from around the world purchase your sessions

You get chance to let students from around the world to view your profile courses and read all reviews once you register and finish a course

You earn money while you teach live sessions

Pay | receive money

You can pay by using your PayPal account or by using credit or debit card

classtimbre pay with cards

As a teacher you only receive your money through PayPal account only, which you can later transfer your balance to your bank account on your PayPal account

classtimbre pay with paypal
Tools required for live sessions

Minimum internet speed of 1.5 - 3.0 MB

By camera to show the explanation to the students

Or by directing the camera on a wooden board

Or by using our screen-sharing feature



Classtimbre features

Save the time and effort of both teacher and student

Offers opportunities for students and teachers to take classes anywhere around the world

Allows students and teachers to remind them of important dates (classes, exams, assignments)

Giving the opportunity to the pensioners to give online lessons (with the requirement of proof of qualifying certificates for study)

Teacher performance is evaluated by students at the end of each course

All times are converted to your current time zone regardless of where the teacher is located

The teacher can withdraw his total earned balance after the end of each session

All course prices are paid per session

Provides teachers with a special portfolio of data, certificates and previous teacher assessments

Live session features

A group of students communicate with the teacher in audio and video (live) in one class

The teacher can communicate with the share screen feature (In the case of explaining a specific point on the computer screen)

Every student can ask questions to teacher through website and joins with audio after teacher accepts your request during session to allow non-disruptive environment