All transfers are made via PayPal


    How to know if 'password reset' mail is ours ?

  • In your email inbox. From:
  • We always send your last 4 digits of your phone number with a verified image
  • We never ask for your previous passwords

We are not responsible for any misleading links/urls that you clicked during your password reset process if it was not delivered by us !

Teacher terms

Only 20% of each session is charged from teacher

    What if you get disconnected during a session ?

  • If you are able to come back within 10 minutes thats fine you can always have extra 15 minutes on every session.
  • if you couldn't come back within 10 minutes, this session will be close and you will have to check your calendar to add a postponed date for that session.
  • Cash starts to get into your balance after the first 30 minutes of the session course, if you got disconnected and couldn't come back whithin 10 minutes you get percentage of the session money depending on what time you left.
  • For example: you have a session which you must finish for 2 hours and you got disconnected or left somehow after 1 hour, you get 50% earning.

You can always modify your incompleted sessions from your reminder (calendar)

If you did not show up on one of your classes period you won't get paid for that day.

Class day will be cancelled if you come 15 minutes late and a day will be added to the total course days for you to attend.

Make sure to come before or at time of class day.

Students will pay for your session just before they start joining it.

You can always instant cashout after the next session day unless its the last day.

Student terms

The student pays 20 LE in euros (by that time) as a fixed fee of the total price of the session

    What happens if the teacher gets disconnected during a session ?

  • The class will be marked as cancelled unless professor comes back within 10 minutes.
  • A day will be added later to the total course days to attend for everyone.
  • The amount of the money you paid will be added to your account (wallet) if the teacher did not show up again at the end of the day.

You only pay just before the class day begins and not for the total days.

There are no refunds.

Note - if your professor asks you if you want to end the session earlier than the actual ending time, you will have only 1 minute to respond to the request whether you agree or disagree, if you could not choose you will be counted as AGREED